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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to In Utero Store.  In order to help you use the services and information available on this website with peace of mind, where by explain to you the terms and conditions regarding the use of this website to ensure that your rights are protected.  Please read the following content in detail:

Ⅰ. Website Terms of Use

InUtero Store is operated by In Utero.  The online shopping (at https://inutero2017.shoplineapp.com/ ) services(hereinafter referred to as the "Services") are provided in accordance with these terms of service.

Once the member completes the membership registration procedures of the In Utero Store or starts using the Services, it indicates that he/she has read, understood and agreed to accept all contents of the terms of services, and fully accepts the existing and future service items and content of the Services.

If the member does not agree to the amendment or update to the above terms of service, or do not accept any agreement of the service terms, he/she shall immediately stop using the Services.

If the member is a minor under the age of 20, the parent (or guardian) of the member shall read,understand, and agree to all the contents of this agreement and the subsequent amendment, before having the member register, use or continue to use the Services.  When a member uses the In Utero Store, it is presumed that the parent (or guardian) of the member has read, understood, and agreed to accept all contents of this agreement and its subsequent amendments.

Ⅱ. Privacy Protection Policy

Scope of Application:

The collection, use, and protection of the personal data involved when using the services of In Utero Store.

Collection and use of personal data:

In order to provide e-commerce services, fulfill statutory or contractual obligations, protect the rights and interests of parties and related stakeholders, and conduct marketing, customer management, and service, and operate the businesses defined by the business registration or the Articles of Incorporation, the personal data, consumption and transaction data sufficient to identify the users, or other personal data provided with your consent will only be processed and used In Utero Store according to the purpose of the data collection or based on the order or request by the law or from the authority (including but not limited to the court or Taiwan Clearing House).  In Utero Store will not provide the personal data sufficient to identify the user to other third parties (domestic or overseas), or use it in ways other than for the original purpose of collection.  The basic information may only be used or disclosed internally when the company conducts joint sales.

In Utero Store will continue to store, process, and use the relevant information.  We will also use the basic information to confirm your shopping eligibility and provide shoppers with notifications of order completion, payment, shipment, and others.

Within the scope of the above mentioned purposes, In Utero Store will provide the collected personal information to collaborative partners (including but not limited to the home delivery operators or others) to help us complete or terminate the transactions.  At the same time, everyone will obtain or use the information only within the authorization management and regulations established by the company.  Those who are not within the scope of the authorization will not and cannot obtain such information through the authorization management system.

Once you register with this website to become a member, you may change any personal information (name, address, name, email box, and others) you have entered at the member information field.

Also, we will send you news about In Utero Store's in-store activities from time to time.  If you do not wish to receive these emails, you may go to the member information field to unsubscribe to the store information and special discounts.

Ⅲ. Disclaimer Limitation ofLiability

Functions provided by In Utero Store should be used according to the status at the time.  We do have the express or implied obligations for the performance, speed, integrity, reliability, safety, or correctness of the functions.

In Utero Store does not guarantee that the emails or their content sent by the web pages, server, domains or others of the Services will not contain malicious substances such as viruses, including but not limited to direct, indirect,accidental, punitive and corresponding damage, nor guarantee that the transmission and storage of emails, files or data are correct and will not be disconnected or cause errors.  In Utero Store shall not be liable for damages caused by the failure, losses, or errors from the transmission or storage of emails, files, or data.

This website contains many links or products or services provided by other collaborative partners or individual stores. For the privacy policies and information related to personal data protection of the websites of those links, websites of our partners, or websites of individual stores, please refer to their sites. 

In Utero Store shall not be liable for the delay or failure to perform due to reasons out of the control of In Utero Store (including but not limited to natural disasters, war or terrorism, fees levied in accordance with laws, regulation sand policies, and shortage in goods and services).  However, for order cancellation due to then on-shipment, In Utero Store will refund the corresponding payments to customers.

Ⅳ. Service Interruption and Stoppage

In Utero Store will maintain the normal operation of the system in accordance with the generally accepted technologies and methods.  However, In Utero Store has the right to stop and interrupt the provision of the Sevices under the following circumstances:


1. Necessary maintenance and construction are conducted on the system end of In Utero Store.

2.Occurrence of sudden system failure.

3. The electronic communication service for which In Utero Store applied was stopped and unable to provide Services.

4. Failure to provide services due to force majeure or other reasons not attributable to In Utero Store.

In Utero Store reserves the right to revise the above terms and related announcements at any time, and may announce the revisions on the website of In Utero Store, without sending separate notifications.  You can visit In Utero Store to view the revised terms and related announcements at any time.  When you make a purchase or use this website,it is presumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept such revisions or changes.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of In Utero Store or the related announcements, please write to us at store@inuteromusic.com, and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.