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子皿 In Utero

The two founders, each with many years of experience in independent music in Taiwan, met in London.  In their journey of promoting Taiwanese musicians overseas, they experienced the unique and diverse aspects of Taiwanese indie music.  After making their presence known on the international stage, they decided to return to Taiwan in 2017 and established In Utero.  Through coordinating, planning, and implementing creators and music performances, the company is committed to promoting the equality of creators in the field of Taiwanese indie music.  The goal is to make many more bands with dreams known in the Taiwan market, nurture them, and present them on the international stage.

The main services of In Utero are the coordination and planning of indie music creators and music performances and activities at home and abroad.  In terms of overseas promotion, In Utero helps to define the international potential of Taiwanese music and to plan frequent tours in the UK, Japan and the Continental Europe and participation in overseas music festivals to maintain overseas market acumen and establish the network of market intelligence and performance venues, as well as helping Taiwanese creators to produce public relations materials and press releases in English and Japanese to increase overseas exposure.

In terms of domestic and content services, In Utero links creators to key resources in the culture and creativity value chain both at home and abroad, including publishing, copyright assistance, content channels, and tour planning, so that creators can focus more on their content creation.  At the same time, In Utero manages the promotion planning, digital media release, advertising, and collaboration with the local music public relations companies in the target markets.

Artists currently represented by In Utero: Panai and Prairie WWWW.  Artists collaboration and activities: Fire EX., FireBall Festival, Senhuai, Balai, Golden Indie Music Awards, and others.