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A singer-songwriter from Taitung, Panai is named “the biggest voice in Taiwan.”

Although the artist has only published two solo albums throughout over 20 years since first appearing on stage in the 90s, Panai is renowned as the most influential contemporary indigenous singer since HU De-Fu.


As a singer, artist, and environmental activist, Panai has voiced her opinions through music in many environmental debates and issues. Panai’s experience of wandering in cities as a youngster, facing fear and anxiety on her own, and her process of identifying as an indigenous member, has given her works the unique characters of deep melancholy and sharp directness that speaks of loneliness and repeating self-doubt. Just as her most well-known song Wandering, Panai’s simple but sophisticated voice has become a channel for all those who are wandering on their own lands.


Panai means “ear of rice” in Amis language. Panai stated: “When paddies are ripe, they no longer stand tall facing the sun, but naturally bend toward the ground. We, too, should learn humility after gaining wisdom, humbly seeking to live in harmony with nature, the land, and others.” Panai hopes that more people can collaborate in applying wisdom and kindness in protecting this island, regardless of differences in ethnic background.


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