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Shopping Guide

Welcome to In Utero Store.  Please read the following information to ensure that your rights are protected before using it.

Ⅰ. Shopping Process
Please register to join the membership (basic and VIP) and continue to shop in the online store.  After logging in, you can track the status of your order and receive exclusive offers from time to time.  We will also follow the "Privacy Policy" to ensure the safety of your information.

[Description of Simple Shopping Process]
Select items -> Submit the order -> Order checkout -> Fill in information -> Send out merchandise.

Ⅱ. Payment Method
In Utero Store provides the following payment methods:

  • Credit card(support Visa, Mastercard, JCB)

  • Convenience store code
    Those who choose to pay with a convenience store code will bring the code to a convenience store ocation to print out a bill for payment. An additional handling fee of NT$30 will apply.  The payment deadline is 5 days, and we will ship out the merchandise once the payment is confirmed.

  • Convenience store payment (FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK)

  • Cash on delivery(Home delivery - Taiwan island)

  • Bank transfer /ATM
    Those who choose the Bank transfer / ATM option will remit the payment within 3 days after submitting the order.  After the transfer is completed, please send an email to store@inuteromusic.com to notify us of your payment.  Please provide your name, last 5 number of your remittance account, the amount transferred and items purchased, and we will reply to your message and ship out your items after confirming the payment.  Thank you.

Ⅲ. Shipping Method
The following are the shipping methods you can choose to ship from In Utero Store:

  • Post office(registered / parcel / packaging box)

  • Convenience store pick-up (FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK)

  • International delivery (SF Express -- China, Hong Kong, Macau)
    Those who choose SF Express will need to pay for the shipping (cash on delivery for the shipping charge) when the merchandise arrives.

  • Global express EMS(delivery may take 7 to 10 days)

After you submit your order, the goods will be shipped within 3 to 7 business days.  (Business days are based on actual working days, and do not include weekends, regular holidays and the days when work cannot be done due to weather conditions)

After the goods are shipped, we will send a "Shipment Notification" to your email to give you a tracking number.  You can go to "Order" of "Catalog", post office mail tracking system, or the logistics provider you select to check the shipment information.


*Reminder: If the size of the packaging of your product purchase exceeds the specifications of the logistics provider, we will inform you by phone or email.

*Other delays:

If the goods are found to be out of stock and defective at the time of shipment,we will contact you about the shipment.

Certain festivals, such as the Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and major events, may cause a delay in shipping schedule due to the volume spikes at the logistics operators.  We kindly ask for your understanding if this issue occurs.

Ⅳ. Receipts

After the order is established, In Utero Store will issue a 2-part paper receipt to be sent out with the shipment (to the address same as the receiving address of your order).

If you need to use your Tax ID Number for the accounting purpose, please enter the number and title to be used at checkout, and we will send you a company receipt with the shipment (to the address same as the receiving address of your order).

Ⅴ. Return and Exchange Policy

In Utero Store provides a 7-day return policy. If you need to return or exchange the product, please contact us by using the following methods within 7 days upon receiving your goods:


1. Write a message via "Contact Us"

2. Callus at 02-2731-4395

3. Write us an email, store@inuteromusic.com


Please provide your name/order number/product information/reason for return or exchange, and provide photos showing product defects.

The return or exchange shipping fee will be paid by In Utero Store.  However, if there are no defects or problems with the products, and the return or exchange is for personal reasons, the customer shall bear the shipping and other additional costs.

[Description of Return/Exchange Process]

Notification of return/exchange within 7 days -> 3 business days to confirm the eligibility for return/exchange -> Mail back the return/exchange product within 3 days -> 7 business days to process refund or exchange


[Refund Instructions]

Payment by credit card: The payment will be refunded to the original credit card used in the purchase.

Bank transfer: Those who use other payment methods may provide their account number for refund, and the payment is refunded to the account once the eligibility for return/exchange is confirmed.

Customers may return the goods by using the original logistics provider or choose the logistics service that is convenient for returning the goods.


*7-day return policy will not apply to the following circumstances.  Please read the product descriptions carefully and decide if you want to buy the product before placing your order.  For any questions, please contact the customer service of In Utero Store at store@inuteromusic.com.


1. Perishable,short shelf life, or when the contract is to be terminated.

2. Customized products.

3. Newspaper,periodical or magazine.

4. Audio and visual products or computer software, such as records, already unpacked by the customer.

5. Products may involve personal hygiene, such as personal clothing, which has been unpacked by the customer.

6. Art and culture exhibitions and performance tickets.


 [Other Return or Exchange Instructions]

1. The integrity of the product, articles accompanying the product, inside and outside packaging, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging, and other accompanying materials should be maintained when returning a product.  If the original packaging or product is damaged, we have the right not to accept the return or exchange.

2. Products may have wear and tear due to the user's habits, handling, storage, and maintenance of the products.  If the wear and tear conditions of the product are not a manufacturing defect, we have theright not to accept the return or exchange.

3. Except for defective products, customers are responsible for the shipping fees required for return or exchange due to other reasons.  We ship the exchanged goods to the receiving address on the original order.  If the information or address of the recipient is changed, which affects the shipping rate, the customer will also be responsible for the additional costs.

4. Do not unpack consumable goods just for trial (notebook, paper tape, and others),as this may affect the exercise of your right to return goods.

5. If the product to be returned or exchanged is promotional merchandise sold as one of the options in sets, the entire set will have to be returned.

6. Exchange can only be replaced with the same type of product.  Merchandise A cannot be replaced by merchandise B.  If you wish to exchange for other items or sizes, please apply for the return of the original goods and reorder the goods you need.

7. After ordering, if the member requests a large amount of return or exchange, which causes problems in our operation, In Utero Store may refuse the transaction or permanently cancel the membership, depending on the circumstances.

8. After receiving the product and discount certificate your return, we will immediately process your refund.  For a credit card refund, we will contact your card-issuing bank for a refund upon receiving your returned package and discount certificate.

9. For In Utero Store products purchased through other channels, please contact the original channel about the return or exchange. We are not responsible for the return or exchange of goods not sold through our stores.


If you have other questions, please click "Contact Us" in the upper right corner of the website to send your messages, or send the questions to the email at store@inuteromusic.com, and we will reply to your messages as soon as possible.